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Currency Guide

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Chips Currency Where to use and hunt them

Pink Chip [Farm]

Pink chip can be hunt in all monster inside azria (1-6) Drop rate per mobs, Pink chips can be use to buy a Next item after starting item such as 125 Armor set and Ancient Armor. Use this currency for NPC Juria [Freeibes/Farm Shop].

Blue Chip [9999x Pink Chip]

This chip contains 9999x Pink Chip [Farm] And can be use to buy CS sets , Wing, Cloak, Mask, & Pet. Just find Jeff [Fashion Shop] Located in Flarine.

Gold Chip [Donate]

This is the currency given to those who are supporting our server you can use this currency by trading Mayor of Flarine [Donor Shop]. The Conversion would be 1$ = 50 Gold Chip.

(Picture attach for the location of NPC's)

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