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Tips to start hunting

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1 Tips to start hunting on Sun Oct 07, 2018 2:49 am


1. Create character/s for just collecting. Keep them afk collecting for some time untill you have enough Collector's Coins. With them you can buy scrolls to keep you alive in the battle.

Collecting manager
-Scroll of Resurrection
-Scroll of Sprint
-Scroll of Holy

2. Choose a class for your liking and level it up until 129-H (Max level). Takes low amount of time because of the 9999x EXP Rate. Don't worry about the dungeon level cap because its edited and made harder. (lvl 1 - 129 can enter)

3. Buy Azria ticket from Jewel manager Peach. All the monsters in azria drop Pink Chips. Once you have farmed atleast 9999x Pink Chips then head over to Flaris bank (Juria, Freebies/Farm Shop) and buy yourself Lvl 125 armor or Ancient weapon.

4. For even better gear you need to start doing some heavy farming. Farm yourself 50x 9999 Pink Chips. Exchange them for Blue Chips and buy yourself better fashion. It may take you few days to a week, depends on how active you are.

5. Buy some awakening scrolls and reversions from Jewel manager Peach and try to get some decent awakes on your gear. Atleast 2 lines of awakes on each part. You don't have to make it perfect but if you prefer that then go ahead.

6. To make all of it easier, you could go for dungeon hunting with a team but its not needed. All of the dungeons can be made alone. Just it needs more work.

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