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Recruit Event!

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1 Recruit Event! on Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:31 pm


Vintage Flyff Recruit and Play Event


For Recruiter
1. Recruit a Friend to Play Vintage Flyff
2. Recruited Player should join in our Facebook Group Page (Vintage Flyff V15)
3. Recruited Player must like our facebook fan page (
4. And comment your the screenshot ingame together with the In game Name (IGN) of the new Recruit and the Recruiter once they're online
5. To finish this mechanics the Recruiter should wait until the recruited player reaches 75 Hours Playtime.
6. Once that you finish all the mechanics message our page for validation (

For the Recruited Player
1. Recruited Player should have atleast 3 months old Facebook Account
2. Ingame Account (Vintage flyff Account) must be created on December 1, 2018
3. Character of the Recruited Player must reach level 129 and 75 hours Playtime
4. Once that you finish all the mechanics message our page for validation (

Prize for the Recruiter
300 Pcs of Gold Chips [Donate]
200pcs of Perin
100pcs Holy
100pcs Resurrection
100pcs Sprint

Prizes for the Recruited Player
v15 Access Clean
Shiny Golden Weapon of your Choice (If the Job is Blade , Automatically 2 Weapons)
A card and 7% Cards
125 set of your Choice
100pcs of Perin
100pcs of Moonstone
100pcs of Sustone

Question and Answer:
Q1: If the recruiter invited another player to join can we still get another prize?
A1: Yes, As long as the IP of the player is not the same.

Q2: Can recruited player invite another player?
A2: Yes, You can invite other players and receive the prize of the Recruiter

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