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Patch Log 11.25.18

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1 Patch Log 11.25.18 on Sun Nov 25, 2018 9:40 am


Server Update 11.25.18

As Part of the Class balancing:
• Knight Will now be able to use shield
• Elem Will now be able to use shield
• Ranger Will now be able to use shield
• Chaning the effect of guild buff
PvE Effect Changed to Adoch +500%
PvP Effect Changed to Hit Rate +300%
Note: Effect and Class balancing is always subjected to be change.

As part of the Improvement:
• Improved Teleport System
• Improved Party Finder
• Improved Awakening Window
• Improved Model View
• Improved Mail Box
• Improved Messenger Box (You can now see the party member inside)
• Added Security
• Fixed Bugs
• Fixed Pet Stock in obstacle (Both Raised and Looter Pet)
• Fixed Aggressive monster Bug (blinking in nowhere bug)
• Fixed Link Attack
• Mount system will be re-activated
• Guild Siege Life increase from 15 to 30
• Global buff Player requirements reduce from 100 to 50 Players Online
• Capsules Description Changed.
• Shiny Darkness Knuckle Effect Correction Sta +1500 changed to Sta +2000
• Increase Block rate of All main bosses
• Removing of Colosseum Keys inside the Colosseum (Original Ranga will not be Summon inside anymore)

Note: Ranger's Hit rate is not yet fix in this update Im still working on it.

Note: If you didn't get a patch please let us know by messaging us.

This post will be updated as soon as I finish everything
Thank you for your patience guys sorry to keep you waiting

All Suggestions and Opinions are welcome!


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