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Patch log 11.5.18

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1 Patch log 11.5.18 on Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:56 am



Update 11.5.18

• Last 3 patch will took too long (Normally)
• Everyone is required to download this new launcher to prevent patching issue (Download this and extract it to your client) Download is alaso avaialbe in download site file/4w2d65bz7x488p7/0._Vintage_Flyff_Launcher.rar/file

List of Updates:

• Removing of Halloween Event
• Additional Security Fixes
• Removing of Mount System (Please read the reason why we need to temporarily remove it at the end of this post)
• New Fashion, Cloak, Wing, & Mask will be available (in hunting)
• Vote Shop Will be added
• Vote Coins Will be used to buy Consumable items offered by Jeff (So keep on voting!)
• Scroll of Sprint Increase the duration from 3 minutes to 5 Minutes
• Common Bank Will be available in Juria For 2500 Pink Chip
• Elements card can now stock 9999 pcs from 99 pcs in inventory each element.
• Increasing All stat effect of Darkness Weapon from 1500 to 2000 All Stat (Wrong effect before)
• Colosseum System will be activated (
• Gotcha System will be available (
• Online Buff System will be activated (+1% Drop rate once the server reach 100 Players.)
• Guild buff Online players required reduce to 3,5,7,9,12 online members for every buff.

•Job Re-balance
• Legendary Golden Ranger Set Effect (Still on testing)
` All stat +1000
` ADOCH +300%
` Critical Chance +300%
` Increase Hp +300%

` All Stat +1000
` ADOCH+300%
` Increase Attack +300%
` Increase Hp +300%
` Hit rate+ 300%
` Additional Damage to Monster +300%

• Dark Armor Ranger Set Effect (Still on testing)
` All stat +2000
` ADOCH +600%
` Critical Chance +600%
` Increase Hp +300%

` All Stat +2000
` ADOCH+600%
` Increase Attack +600%
` Increase Hp +600%
` Hit rate+ 600%
` Additional Damage to Monster +300%

• The reason why we need to remove the mount system is because the mount system is the cause of all crashes and DC in our server. to keep it much stable our team decided to temporarily remove it until we fix the said issue, just keep all your mount and once we fixed the issue we will going to activate it again. Thank you for understanding more powers!

• Any Suggestions, Report please don't hesitate to leave a comment or just send me a private message.

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